63 fetus remains removed from Perry Funeral Home in Detroit

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Perry Funeral Home is now the second funeral facility in Detroit to have infant fetuses found inside.

Craig said the investigation into the Perry Funeral Home began after a man who has sued that business over its handling of remains of infants and fetuses saw coverage of the discoveries at the Cantrell Funeral Home and told his attorney to contact police.

No connection between the two cases has yet been established, Detroit's police chief said.

Unrefrigerated boxes containing about 36 sets of remains were recovered from the Perry Funeral Home along with another 27 sets of remains in a freezer, police said.

"It's very disturbing", Detroit Police Chief James Craig said in a press conference Friday.

"I have never seen anything like this in my 41-1/2 years (on the force), ever."

Craig said a criminal investigation into the funeral home is ongoing.

In a letter dated June 1, 2017, Wayne State told Perry Funeral Home they could no longer house the remains.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig has opened an investigation
Image Detroit Police Chief James Craig has opened an investigation

Of the 63 fetus remains discovered during the raid, half of them were discovered in a freezer and the other half were discovered in a cardboard box.

The shocking news comes less than two weeks after the remains of 11 stillborns were found in a false ceiling of the now-defunct Cantrell Funeral Home.

Its former operators have not commented to media. The funeral home routinely deposited infant remains at the WSU school's morgue, then failed to follow up with parents' wishes for the remains to be used in research by the WSU School of Medicine, they said. It also alleges the funeral home may have fraudulently billed Medicaid, as well as the Detroit Medical Center, for burials it never performed.

"It's because of the first story involving Cantrell that the second issue emerged", Craig said.

The original discovery of 11 corpses came after authorities received an anonymous letter tipping them off about the Cantrell Funeral Home, which had been closed for months due to "deplorable conditions", according to The Detroit News.

"I'm really wondering where all the rest of them are", Cieslak said on Friday.

"If our class action gets certified, we will make every effort to identify every single one of those fetuses" that had been improperly handled by Perry, and to track down the parents, Parks said.

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