Rihanna Declined Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show in Support of Colin Kaepernick

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Whether it be good or bad, the ramifications of this act have been monumental and it seems that Rihanna declining to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show is the next domino to fall.

But Rihanna's feud with the National Football League and CBS stems back to 2014 when she lashed out at them on social media for pulling one of her songs from a show. She reportedly did so because she doesn't agree with NFL's stance on Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick was one of the players who kneeled in protest of social injustice during the Star Spangled Banner American national anthem in 2016. It's since sparked a national discussion about patriotism and has drawn the ire of President Trump.

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"Rihanna was the front-runner for next year's super bowl halftime show", a source tells ET. Alleging that the league's owners conspired to keep him off a roster due to his anthem protests. The rapper later seemed to confirm this report in a song that dropped over the summer: "I said no to the Super Bowl: you need me, I don't need you".

The NFL has yet to officially confirm the lineup for this season's Super Bowl halftime show, though it didn't knock down the Maroon 5 news when it was announced last month.

If Us Weekly's source is accurate, that's quite a statement from the famous singer.