Turkey says it has recordings of dissident's murder - paper

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Riyadh's reaction came hours after US President Donald Trump threatened Riyadh with "severe punishment" if Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul as alleged.

Saudi Arabia has been under pressure since Khashoggi, a prominent critic of Riyadh and a United States resident, disappeared on October 2 after visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Citing anonymous sources, the Post reported Friday that Turkey's government has told US officials it has audio and video proof that Khashoggi was killed and dismembered.

The Saudi stock market lost $US33 billion of its value on Sunday amid investor worries about deteriorating global relations, one of the first signs of the economic pain that Riyadh could suffer over the affair.

Turkey has called on Saudi officials to provide evidence that he left the consulate, as they claim, CNN reported. "If they don't buy it from us, they're going to buy it from Russian Federation or. And you know what, there are other ways of punishing", Trump said.

Saudi Arabia insists Mr. Khashoggi left the building safely and dismissed accusations that authorities had ordered his murder by a hit squad as "lies and baseless allegations".

However, Trump said he did not want to block military sales to Saudi Arabia, one option that has rattled USA defence contractors, saying "there are other ways of punishing".

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The event is being hosted by the kingdom's Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman to promote his reform agenda.

"Believe what the president says when he says we will take very tough action if the allegations of Saudi interference prove to be the case", Kudlow said.

The prime minister also says Canada has "serious issues" around reports about the disappearance of US journalist Jamal Khashoggi, although he says there is still more to learn before he'll comment further.

But when asked what options Trump would consider, the president said he was not keen to limit arms sales to the kingdom - a position he has previously voiced. In addition, countries such as Russian Federation and China are ready to supply them with the necessary arms, if United States backs off.

Almost two weeks since Jamal Khashoggi vanished in Istanbul, the shadow of the Saudi journalist's disappearance continues to loom ever larger.

Khashoggi, a fierce critic of the Saudi ruling family, disappeared more than a week ago after he was last seen on video entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. That scrutiny now threatens to fray foreign business ties with Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, which is closely associated with Salman.

One source is quoted by the Washington Post as saying men can be heard beating Mr Khashoggi; it adds that the recordings show he was killed and dismembered. That treaty includes a Saudi intent to purchase $110 billion in arms from the U.S.