Melania Trump Wears Colonial Hat During Her Tour in Kenya

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US First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Egypt on Saturday on the final leg of a solo four-nation tour of Africa that will see her visit the Pyramids.

First Lady Melania Trump's sartorial decisions in Egypt left Twitter in a flurry. Reporters asked her opinion about the judge, and she said he was "highly qualified" to join the court.

President Sisi praised the role played by USAID in Egypt to finance small and medium-sized enterprises in support of Egypt's economic and social reform, Radi said, adding that the President also highlighted the strong relations between the two countries in fields of health, education and tourism.

"I'm glad that Dr. Ford was heard".

"Thank you for what you do and taking care of them", Mrs. Trump said, while holding a baby girl originally handed to her wrapped in a blanket bearing the logo of Be Best, the child welfare initiative she launched this year and is promoting during this week's Africa visit. "I am against any kind of abuse or violence".

Kavanaugh, who denies the allegation, is expected to be confirmed by the Senate as a Supreme Court justice this weekend. His confirmation would give the US president a clear win in his drive to cement conservative dominance of the high court.

It comes after the USA president allegedly called some African countries "shitholes" during a White House meeting on immigration in January.

Two senators say they will vote to confirm Kavanaugh
Murkowski told reporters she chose to oppose the procedural measure as she walked to the Senate chamber minutes before the vote. Ford's goal here was never to impact the process to derail a nomination", attorney Lisa Banks said on All Things Considered .

However, Melania's continental tour comes as the Trump Administration moves to cut funding to the United States Agency for International Development by at least 30 per cent, as well as the elimination of basic education funding for Malawi. "And I tell him that. And that was anonymous source and I would leave it at that", she said. And she says she doesn't always agree with what he tweets. I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear'.

When reporters asked her about the choice of headgear, she replied, "You know what?" Some commentators said she had made a mistake by wearing a white pith helmet, a hat favoured by 19th century European colonialists, because of its association with the exploitation of Africans.

Trump's visit to Cairo included a planned visit with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and his wife, first lady Entissar Mohameed Amer, and the visit to the pyramids to highlight US -backed preservation efforts there.

In the end, she noted, he's the President and does what he likes. It should also, according to the egyptian press, visit the site of the future grand museum to house the rich collections of egyptian antiquities. "I'm not elected. He's the president".

She then made a brief stop in Malawi where she toured a primary school.

Trump took the time to read a story to a group of children before a young boy read a story to her in turn.