Melania Trump dances with kids, feeds elephants

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He said Trump has alienated many Africans with his "God-awful remarks insulting the entirety of Africa in the most vile terms", reference to the president's crude referral to Haiti and some African nations as "shithole countries" that send too many immigrants to the U.S. And, Brigety noted, Trump created a political furor when he inaccurately asserted that white farmers in South Africa were subject to "large-scale killing". Some children learn lessons outdoors, seated shoulder-to-shoulder on loose, red dirt.

Egypt will be her final stop on her tour of the continent focused on child welfare, education, tourism and conservation.

On Friday, the US First Lady accompanied by her Kenyan counterpart will visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust before heading to State House for talks and later to the Kenya National Theatre where they will be treated to Kenyan creative cultural performances.

A day earlier at a primary school in Malawi, Mrs. Trump highlighted work done by the U.S. Agency for International Development to help improve child literacy in the country.

"The continent of Africa is one that's extremely important to this administration, to the US government, and I think that is evident in the fact that the first lady is making her first solo foreign trip to the African continent", Nauert said.

"Meeting those children and understanding their different way of life is why I wanted to travel here", the first lady said.

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"I was heartened to spend time with the students and was honored to donate school supplies and soccer balls", she said. The soccer balls as well as tote bags donated for the teachers bore the logo of "Be Best", the child well-being initiative she launched earlier this year and is promoting on the trip.

Melania Trump has sashayed to the beat of African music while being welcomed to an orphanage in Kenya.

After an outdoor book reading session, she was encircled by the same children she led up the driveway as they sang and danced some more. "It is a handsome thing to see". Chipala has more than 8,500 students but just 77 teachers, for a ratio of 111 students per instructor, according to the USA government.

Bright Masaka, Malawi's minister of education, science and technology, said Chipala is one of his country's best schools.

It didn't take long for the typically reserved US first lady to dive fully into the moment. The sounds of women ululating were heard at each of her public appearance. The first ladies have travelled to Africa fairly often.