Trudeau pledges compensation for dairy farmers hit by USMCA deal

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"And I think there'll be a better spirit between the three countries, which is important for our farmers", said President Trump.

"The (dairy farmers) were sacrificed in order to get a deal for the auto industry", said Gerardo Otero, Simon Fraser University professor of International Studies.

Is this a good deal or a bad deal for Canada? He said Canada did not simply accept "any deal".

"I look forward to reviewing this deal to confirm it meets the high standards of Trade Promotion Authority", he said in a statement.

"It's helped our milk futures just in the 14 hours that it's been discussed, so our milk futures have gone up not a lot, but significant enough for us all to notice", she said.

Trump said the accord would return the United States to a "manufacturing powerhouse".

Even the Pacific deal pales in comparison with one that did go into effect with the USA on board - the Uruguay Round.

Trump embraced the U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement during a Rose Garden ceremony, branding the pact the "USMCA". It replaces NAFTA, which Trump has lambasted as a job-wrecking disaster that has hollowed out the nation's industrialized base.

Canadian Dairy Farmers Criticize New Trade Pact with U.S.
There are deeper issues in the dairy industry that a trade deal won't fix, chiefly the global milk glut and a declining demand. MARK STEPHENSON: Canada began to produce more skim milk powder under this Class 7 and sell that product overseas.

The Liberal government will dole out what is likely to be billions of dollars in compensation for dairy farmers, following a new continental trade deal that critics say only further restricts industry's ability to compete in the global market.

The deal is a reworking of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), which underpins $1.2 trillion in trade between the three countries. The war all began shortly after Donald Trump imposed tariffs on Canada and spoke out against our Prime Minister.

"We will be manufacturing many more cars", Trump said. If it's gone, it will increase farmer's access to Canada's dairy market. This could pose a problem because the vote on NAFTA 2.0 will not happen until 2019 after the 2018 midterms and a potentially Democratic-and anti-Trump-Congress is seated.

However, Mr Trump said it was too soon to talk to China, on which the U.S. has imposed three rounds of tariffs this year, about a trade deal. Mexico agreed to provisions requiring at least 40 percent of a vehicle to be built in countries where auto workers earn at least $16 an hour to qualify for duty-free benefits.

The USMCA gives Trump a concrete trade victory to tout during the upcoming midterm elections. The president said his administration had not yet agreed to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, a contentious issue between the two neighbors.

"I literally was angry and still there is an anger", said Dave Taylor. In exchange, both Mexico and Canada get to avoid American tariffs on automobiles for sixteen years .

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to calm anxious dairy farmers on Thursday, assuring them the government will find a way to compensate them for market losses under a proposed trade deal with the United States and Mexico. When the tariffs were first imposed and Trump first made comments against Trudeau, many Canadians began to boycott the president and the country. Uncertainty over the fate of NAFTA talks had threatened to batter Mexico's currency and economic outlook.