Canadian Dairy Farmers Criticize New Trade Pact with U.S.

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Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) praised President Trump and his administration for reaching a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada to be called the U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). It also says the first 2.6 million Canadian autos exported to the US will be exempted from tariffs, a figure well above the current export rate of 1.8 million. There are deeper issues in the dairy industry that a trade deal won't fix, chiefly the global milk glut and a declining demand.

Above that level, US dairy farmers will still face Canada's punishing tariffs. Younger farmers are wondering if this will affect their industry long term.

Trudeau didn't offer a compensation dollar figure, but in a video posted to YouTube, Marcel Groleau, president of Quebec's farmers' union, pegged the estimated loss of revenue for Canadian dairy farms from USMCA and previous trade deals at $480 million. "And we're going to hold the federal government accountable to ensure our dairy farmers are fairly compensated", Ford tweeted.

"The amount of milk we're going to be able to move into Canada is pretty insignificant", Goodman said. Past year in Wisconsin, dozens of farmers were left without a milk buyer when a regional company suddenly lost sales to Canada.

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"The government has said repeatedly that it values a strong and vibrant dairy sector - they have once again put that in jeopardy by giving away more concessions". Some will wind up in teas; some will end up in yogurt.

Tensions over the North American Free Trade Agreement were heightened previous year when Canada raised tariffs on ultrafiltered milk used to make cheese and other dairy products.

MARK STEPHENSON: Canada began to produce more skim milk powder under this Class 7 and sell that product overseas. He added that Mexican imports of USA wheat are down about 25 percent this year, which he attributes to Mexico's concerns about ongoing trade disputes and in particular President Trump's use of tariffs for leverage.

While most farm commodity prices remain at or below breakeven, surveys around the country verify the underlying strength in the farmland market. Supply management works in two ways. The dairy industry has the latest and greatest on display today, but dairy farmers are still facing their fourth straight year of low milk prices. Maxime Bernier split from the party last month to launch his own entity, calling the Conservatives "intellectually and morally corrupt" in part because of its support for dairy protections. As a result, Canadian specialty stores are constantly short of Gouda, mascarpone and a galaxy of other dairy products. "However, the absence of details on measures to mitigate the impact of the concessions made within the USMCA, as well as the absence of a vision for the future of our industry at this time, can not appease the concerns of the dairy farmers". U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Monday there is no timeline for removing those tariffs. The keeper was Chapter 19, the nation to nation dispute resolution mechanism under which a country that felt another was playing unfair could take their concerns to a panel made up of members of both countries.