Wawa Celebrating National Coffee Day With Free Coffee This Weekend

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Scooter's Coffee offered customers any size cup of brewed coffee for free.

Dunkin' Donuts: The chain is celebrating a "twice as nice" promotion this year with a buy one, get one free deal for all hot coffee purchases.

"Cumberland Farms convenience stores in New York, New England and Florida are offering a free coffee coupon for use on Saturday, Sept 29, to anyone who texts 'FREE COFFEE" to 64827.

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Saturday, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, and that means a lot of deals and freebies on coffee, of course.

Get 50 percent off the Americano starter kit when you use the code "COFFEE".

Cinnabon: Free 12-ounce coffees at participating Cinnabon Bakery locations.

A look at the origins of coffee and how it became the pervasive drink it is today.

If you haven't noticed by now, there are several places handing out free coffee in honour of National Coffee Day tomorrow, September 29, and here's another place to get a hot cup of joe.

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McDonald's: Hot or iced coffee of any size for just $1.

Americans are exhausted after yet another long, fraught week of political turmoil, so what better way to kick off the weekend than with a free cup of coffee?

Wawa: Members of Wawa Rewards get a free cup of coffee Saturday with a coupon in the app.

Numerous restaurants and coffee shops offering deals to celebrate.

Enjoy a free glazed doughnut with any coffee purchase.

When you buy any food item at Caribou Coffee on National Coffee Day 2018, you'll get a free coffee in any size.

You can also get the promo online by using the code COFFEEDAY18 to get 25 percent off all regular, non-subscription, one-pound bag purchases made at Peets.com.