Tesla is making its own car carriers

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With the company now attempting to address Elon Musk's self-dubbed "delivery logistics hell", some owners of Tesla's electric cars stepped forward to offer help. After all, the auto carrier system in the U.S.is totally corrupt, and when you're already a pro at making a ton of cars, adding another vehicle to your manufacturing concept isn't a big deal.

The organization has additionally reported a "way to-entryway benefit" named Tesla Direct to help with Model 3 conveyance amid surge week.

The Reuters report that covered this latest genius move by CEO Elon Musk made no mention of what the vehicle carriers will be, and neither has Musk amidst his Twitter ramblings. Customers in Los Angeles are receiving emails offering to deliver cars directly to their homes and offices for free.

The delivery program, which is reportedly called "Tesla Direct", comes near the end of a quarter in which Musk has said the company will produce and deliver over double the number of vehicles it did in the second quarter, when it set a company record for quarterly production and deliveries (it made 53,339 vehicles and delivered 40,740).

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On Tuesday, Tesla said it was fulfilling the request of the Justice Department for the documents, which is related to the announcement of privatizing the Tesla by Elon Musk.

In order to extricate the company from its "delivery logistics hell", volunteers have also been showing up at delivery centers to help new Tesla buyers get to grips with the functionality of the vehicles.

It was August 7, when Musk tweeted that he has the funding.

Tesla delivered 18 449 Model 3s in the second quarter, according to the shareholder letter, and said in July that 11 166 were in transit to customers. In retrospect, this comes as good news especially to those who have always been waiting to get hold of their new Tesla. The company has said that it expects to become consistently profitable beginning in the third quarter, despite a recent pattern of widening losses and increasing cash burn.