Sony's Retro PlayStation Classic Announced For December Release

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It's interesting to see Sony launch a product that is clearly aiming to succeed in the exact same areas as Nintendo's recent machines, with the "Mini" console concept starting to become a well-understood - and nearly expected - thing. The PlayStation Classic also comes bundled with two wired controllers that are reminiscent of the original controllers - with the same ergonomic design and identical button placements.

Sony is taking a leaf out of Nintendo's playbook with the PlayStation Classic, a $99.99 (£89.99) replica of the original 1994 console pre-loaded with 20 video game favorites.

If Nintendo has proven anything over the last couple of years, it's that miniature versions of old-school consoles are in high demand.

Among other titles to be featured on Sony's new system are Ridge Racer Type 4, the role-playing game Wild Arms and first-person platformer Jumping Flash.

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Sony's very first console was the PlayStation, a somewhat unassuming grey brick that sported a blazing fast 33.8 MHz processor and a hefty 2 MB of RAM. The PlayStation Classic can now be preordered from GameStop and Best Buy, though more retailers may follow in the future.

The PlayStation Classic is set for release here from Monday 3 December and is confirmed to be priced at a cent short of €100.

With the classic, Sony is taking a page from Nintendo's playbook. We will update this report once the remaining PlayStation Classic games will break cover. Both consoles includes 20 or so preloaded games that users could play right away. It's slated to launch on December 3 - the same day the original first went on sale in 1994. There's no AC adaptor, which means you'll have to use the USB-C cable for power.

Forget looking for a new game console upgrade this year, Sony is giving lifelong fans (not to mention millennials and Gen-Z-ers too young to remember those glory days) a chance to experience the classic console all over again.