Samsung will hold another Galaxy event on 11th October

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However, it looks like the company isn't done with Galaxy devices just yet.

Samsung wouldn't be the first firm to promote smartphones with as many cameras on the again. Answering a question that asked whether the statement indicated 2-front and 2-rear cameras, Ice Universe replied "all back". It is also said that it will be coming with 5 cameras which will give some new kind of better photography experience. This may indicate that the Galaxy Note 10 does not show in the summer of 2019, but much earlier, because hardly Samsung require a year on the design of a mobile phone. The special Galaxy event will be streamed live on October 11. Previously the Galaxy A8, A8+ phones had dual-front cameras and a single front camera.

In terms of upgrades, we already knew that Samsung heavily redesigned the upcoming smartphone and that these upgrades are at the same time long-awaited and focused on matching the iPhone X's. The phone maker today announced its new October 11 Galaxy event.

Huawei has already released a phone with a triple-lens rear camera, and it is working to upgrade that phone next month.

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Samsung has already confirmed it's set to announce its first foldable phone (codenamed the Galaxy X) before the end of the year, but now we expect that to come in November. It may be recalled that Samsung recently rolled out a new update for the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9 flagship devices.

In terms of what is coming, that's about all we have, so we'll have to stay tuned to find out what's going on.

Samsung put a software development kit (SDK) out there for non-core third-party apps to take advantage of this shortcut tool, so you'll see more customization as long as app developers support the functionality.