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Serena Williams After Losing 2018 US Open Finals to Naomi Osaka, Accuses Chair Umpire Carlos Ramos of Sexism, Calls Him Thief!

Osaka's breakthrough triumph in NY was overshadowed by an explosive row between her opponent Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos which resulted in the 23-times Grand Slam champion being docked a game and fined $17,000.

"The umpiring fraternity is thoroughly disturbed at being abandoned by the WTA", Richard Ings, an ex-elite Gold Badge umpire told ESPN.

The umpiring community also had Ramos' back, as they have threatened to boycott Williams' matches. Eventually, Williams called Ramos "a thief," drawing the third violation for "verbal abuse" - and costing her a game, putting Osaka ahead 5-3.

The ITF though came up with a delayed statement backing Ramos, saying the Portuguese official's decision at the US Open final "was in accordance with the relevant rules".

One source, who has been privy to some of the discussions, said: "Umpires don't have any independent means of representation and are employed by the governing bodies".

"We watch the guys do this all the time, they're badgering the umpire on the changeovers".

Naomi Osaka has revealed for the first time what Serena Williams said while comforting her over her shock US Open win.

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Williams was fined $17,000 for her series of outbursts, which began when she was handed a code violation for receiving coaching during the second set.

The Serena controversy has stirred resentment among umpires ― and they are now reportedly considering a boycott of her future matches.

Williams fans in the crowd, angry over her exchange with the umpire, continued to boo. "I don't cheat to win - I'd rather lose", she said.

Portuguese newspaper Tribuna Expresso reported that Ramos had avoided walking the streets of NY on Sunday to avoid any "complicated situations". "But umpiring a la carte is something that does not exist". I said 'arigatou,' " Osaka said, using the Japanese words for "congratulations" and "thank you".

The International Tennis Federation has defended Ramos for his actions during the final.

"I've never had like - oh my God it's so bright - so many people coming to a press conference before so for sure it's sinking in now", she said of her exploding fame, later expressing her gratitude for the Japanese fans that watched her matches in NY and those who waited for her at the airport that morning.

Ramos' umpiring career will continue as he is expected to officiate the Davis Cup semifinal matches starting September 14.