Aide George Papadopoulos sentenced to jail time in Mueller probe

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"He didn't come close to the standard of 'substantial assistance, '" prosecutor Andrew Goldstein told the judge at the sentencing hearing.

His mother, Kiki Papadopoulos, who remains a Trump supporter, said she was satisfied with the judge's decision. Moss also noted how his lies were serious, and how Papadopoulos placed his own self interest and his loyalty to a candidate over his loyalty to his country.

Papadopoulos had pleaded guilty to the crime last October.

On Friday, Judge Moss said that Papadopoulos put his own self-interest ahead of the interests of his country, and that his choice to lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigation "does not reflect good character". "I was not honest, and I might have hindered the investigation".

"We have seen no set up by USA intelligence people", he said, noting that he also had no reason to believe that Papadopoulos was the subject of a warrant obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. He lied to investigators about when he was told about Russian "dirt" on Clinton, telling them he learned of it before he joined the campaign in what happened to be a "very odd coincidence".

Breen argued that his client had caused much less damage to the special counsel investigation than Trump has.

Papadopoulos told CNN in an interview aired on Friday that Mr Trump "gave me a sort of a nod" and "wasn't committed either way" about the idea of a meeting with the Russian leader.

Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor told Papadopoulos that the Russians had "dirt" on Trump's Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton in the form of "thousands of emails".

Asked if Papadopoulos still remained loyal to Trump, Breen smiled wryly and paused for a beat.

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Breaking his silence for the first time since his guilty plea, Papadopoulos also doubled down on the claim that then-Sen.

He had actually met them after joining Mr Trump's campaign. He suggested that Papadopoulos took his cues from Trump, who has tried to discredit the inquiry by the special counsel, Robert Mueller, into Russia's interference in the election and whether any Trump associates conspired.

Trump said earlier Friday that he did not know Papadopoulos.

Prosecutors say Mifsud arranged a meeting in London cafe between Papadopoulos and a young woman he falsely described as Russian President Vladimir Putin's niece.

Papadopoulos says it has global implications and that "the truth matters".

Outside court on Friday, Papadopoulos' lawyer, Thomas Breen, said his client was a "fool" and had acted "stupidly" in lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Papadopoulos told the agents, falsely, that his conversations with Misfud happened before he joined Trump's campaign in March 2016 and that he did not think they were important. That's the only thing I know about him.

Papadopoulos' lawyers had urged Moss to sentence him to probation. Others pleading guilty in the Mueller probe include former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Washington lobbyist Sam Patten. Papadopoulos learned his fate Friday in federal court in Washington.

Not only that, Papadopoulos withheld a cellphone that he used during the campaign, prosecutors said, and provided it only when asked about the phone.