Ron DeSantis’ Brand of Trumpism Becomes Toxic After ‘Monkey This Up’ Remark

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Democrats have gone with a string of centrist white candidates in recent years, all of whom have come up short, leaving the party's liberal base sour and second-guessing the best way to win.

McSally will face Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in this fall's election. Has my total and complete Endorsement!

President Donald Trump listens as Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis speaks at a Make America Great Again Rally.

If Gillum becomes governor in Florida and Democrats win majority control of the U.S. House in the midterm elections, his victory nearly certainly means the Democrats will lose whatever inhibitions they may have about impeaching the president.

Less shocking is the Florida GOP's embrace of DeSantis, an ardently conservative congressman whose biggest asset was Trump's endorsement.

Trump on Wednesday tweeted out that not only did DeSantis win, but that "his opponent in November is his biggest dream".

Republican Governor Doug Ducey will make the appointment and has said he will wait until after McCain's funeral on Sunday to publicize his choice.

Marquez Peterson beat Brandon Martin, Danny Morales and Casey Welch in Tuesday's primary for Arizona's 2nd Congressional District. He also ran for Senate in 2016 but dropped out when Republican Sen. While Arizonans largely favour robust border security, Mr Trump's plan for a wall on the Mexico border - a hard border is a top item for Republicans - is a deal-breaker for Latinos.

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In 2014, she unseated an incumbent Republican - one of the party's few bright spots on an otherwise dismal night - but distanced herself from national Democrats by refusing to vote for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during the vote for speaker of the house.

Democrats had been hoping for a victory by one of the right-wing candidates - Ward or Arpaio - in a bid to increase their chances of capturing the seat.

Marquez Peterson is the CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber.

Former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick emerged from a competitive Democratic primary to win the nomination for the seat.

The victor of the Florida governor's race will give his party an advantage heading into the 2020 presidential campaign.

Racism immediately became an issue in the Florida governor's race Wednesday as both nominees made predictions: The Democrat said voters aren't looking for a misogynist, racist or bigot, while the Republican said voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by choosing his African-American opponent. Jeff Flake, aligned themselves more with the president than the longtime senator. Political newcomer Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt was able to knock out former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett in a close race.

Gillum explicitly supports impeachment of President Trump, and is expected continue calling for it on the campaign trail - even though governors have no role in the impeachment process.