Former Viking Moss inducted to Pro Football Hall of Fame

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As his golden bust was unveiled, he said "I gotta breathe", in an attempt not get emotional. Beathard is best known for helping build four Super Bowl teams, two as director of player personnel for the Miami Dolphins and two as general manager of the Washington Redskins. "My high school, Raines High School, has a Hall of Famer", Dawkins said during his induction speech. At times, he was grateful for help received along the way, cited a Bible verse from Deuteronomy, and even thanked people who "defamed" him behind his back and teammates who hated him.

Dawkins was a first team All-Pro player five times and was named the Eagles' defensive MVP five times, but he didn't focus on his on-field accomplishments when he stepped to the podium Saturday.

"I can not forget my small, unincorporated community", he said. "Being able to work two or three jobs to provide for us, you took care of us".

Kramer finished by quoting Vince Lombardi: "After the game is over, the stadium lights are out, the parking lot is empty and you're back in your room with your championship ring on the dresser, your only lot in life is to make the world a little bit better because you were in it". An eight-time All-Pro and inside linebacker on the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team, he had a franchise-record 2,643 career tackles. And upon arrival here in town, you quickly realize all arrows and signs point to the mecca of professional football, especially for anyone who's ever played or worked around the game.

Moss paid homage to Green, who likely who have presented the Vikings Ring of Honor member at his induction ceremony. I was a football player.

Fire Whirl In Carr Fire Equal To EF-3 Tornado
Cal Fire said that "steep terrain, erratic winds, and previously unburned fuels are contributing to spot fire potential". The state spent more than $114 million fighting fires in July, the first month of California's fiscal year.

Brady had sent a message prior to the ceremony: "Congratulations to a great friend and teammate!" There is not one.

"Many of you are probably wondering why we're here, instead of Canton", Owens said.

While speaking to the crowded McKenzie Arena at his alma mater, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Owens wanted to address a "flawed" voting system.

This is how Brian Urlacher played football. "She was always there for us and she made sure we knew that", said Urlacher.

Urlacher added he loved "everything about football". "Trust me when I tell you, it is family", said Urlacher. "But just like my choice to be here today, I choose not to live in regret".