Man Hit By Car Attempting ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge

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The police are anxious about an internet challenge thrown by Canadian rapper Drake, which involves jumping out of a moving vehicle and dancing alongside it to his song "In My Feelings". In a tweet on Tuesday, the Gujarat police said, "Don't pass or accept Kiki Challenge".

It involves a person to get out of a moving vehicle, dance to Drake's song while being in sync with the car's motion and then jump back into the auto again. But that's exactly what social media users are doing as part of the Kiki Challenge.

The Kiki challenge has now reached India and has several grooving to it with many people ending up with fatal injuries, so much that police had to intervene to warn people that this challenge is not cool.

The Delhi Police posted on Twitter the picture of a man dancing on the road alongside an ambulance with its doors open and wrote, "Dance on the floors, not on the roads!"

The police in a tweet said, "Thinking about taking up the #kikichallenge in #Chandigarh".

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With the #Kikichallenge trending among citizens across the country, the Hyderabad Traffic Police have issued a warning to youngsters to refrain from taking up the challenge or else end up counting the bars.

The warning comes in the wake of numerous reports of people endangering their lives while doing the "Kiki Dance Challenge".

Bengalureans have also been cautioned against taking part in the challenge. The challenge went more viral after Smith and Ciara posted their dance videos.

Police around the world have warned drivers against performing a viral dance challenge based on Drake's latest hit "In my feelings", saying they could face criminal charges.