Google is Starting to Roll Out Dark Mode for YouTube on Android

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Back in March the Google-owned company announced iPhone and Android fans would be receiving the new viewing option after first making an appearance on YouTube's web version. The visual overhaul also gave us the "Dark Mode" feature, a toggle that makes it more comfortable for users to browse the site at night by inverting YouTube's color scheme.

Last year, Google's YouTube granted a huge wish of its viewers to bring a dark UI mode. There's an option to turn it off, as well as one that dismisses it. This dark theme has more of a dark gray tone than a pure black tone, so it is not completely blacked out. Go to Settings General. The channels would still retain their colorful app bars and the major change of the dark theme would be seen on the video page where the video player is black before it fully loads.

YouTube are going dark with their new colour theme on Android taking them away from the light side, but only if you choose to join them. It's not been confirmed how soon this feature will become a permanent fixture but it may be some time before this feature is released for all.

Based on the number of users who received the option today, it appears as though this is an official rollout of the feature.

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The dark theme will also be used on the compact, minimised video player and all tabs.

The reason for this is help protect the user's vision, as staring closely at a bright screen in a dimly-lit room for too long can damage it temporarily.

Anyways though, like we already said, Dark Mode on YouTube for Android isn't available for all the users yet. It [Dark Theme] turns your background dark, and enriches your YouTube experience.