Roseanne Barr rues her racist tweet; says it cost her everything

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Barr repeated her assertion that she did not know Jarrett was black when she tweeted that she was the "baby" of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet Of The Apes.

When Sean brought up Roseanne's past tweets about Catholics along with her Nazi photo shoot, Roseanne joked", "I hate everyone equally.

"I'd tell more jokes about myself than I do anybody else, because to me, comedy is very personal, and that's what makes it amusing", she explained.

Since outspoken Trump supporter Roseanne Barr was sacked from the ABC show bearing her name, some conservatives have been eager to see liberals face similar repercussions. "That's what was in my head".

Addressing Jarrett directly, the comic said she "never meant" to cause hurt.

"I'm so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought my tweet was racist, because it wasn't. I never meant that and for that I apologize". I've apologised and explained and asked for forgiveness.

"I thought it was a reflection on the middle of the country", McCain said. "I mean seriously. She needs a good haircut".

"I don't suffer from it anymore", Barr said of a multiple personality disorder diagnosis.

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With her sacking by ABC, the network also scrapped Roseanne's sitcom, a re-boot of the series that originally ran for nearly a decade from 1988.

Despite the furore and the cancellation of her show by ABC, Barr said her contract protected her from getting in trouble for her tweets.

Just two, she corrected again, plus blood pressure medication. "But I felt so bad for those kids, because I love them and I didn't want them to think of me like that, you know?"

Her explanations have shifted nearly since the controversy began.

In Roseanne Barr's first TV interview since her ABC sitcom was canceled for a racist tweet, the comedian apologized for her "ill-worded" post and insisted she isn't a bigot.

"Roseanne is every gross stereotype I'm trying to get people to get away from", she said.

Barr also addressed Jarrett directly and apologized for the tweets, advocating for a broader dialogue on race relations. "And because of that fact, I took a vow to my religion to my god that I would always fight extremism on either side, right or left". Less than a month later, ABC announced a Roseanne spin-off called The Conners, which would feature the rest of the cast without Barr. Appearing on The View Wednesday, she said "this isn't what keeps me up at night", referencing more pressing nationwide crises than racial epithets hurled by an aging sitcom star.