Trump threatens more tariffs on United States trading partners

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President Trump touted his tough trade polices Tuesday, calling tariffs "the greatest", after announcing that countries caught up in tense trade relations with the USA would visit to negotiate.

What's the background on the tariffs?

Trump said separately during a speech in Kansas City that "farmers will be the biggest beneficiary" of his trade agenda as he seeks better trade agreements. These Chinese tariffs have hit farmers particularly hard.

"The president writes that the a "'piggy bank' that's being robbed".

The imposition of punishing tariffs on imported goods has been a favored tactic by Trump, but it has prompted USA trading partners to retaliate, creating risks for the economy. This caused the price of sorghum to drop significantly, and forced ships full of sorghum heading to China to change course. But in response to American tariffs, Beijing imposed its own on soybeans, in addition to other American agricultural products.

Trump has also placed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from the European Union and Canada, threatening to slap tariffs on imported cars, trucks and auto parts.

You read that and wonder if Trump took a single economics class at the University of Pennsylvania, but it's not an entirely unpopular position. Ryan said he doesn't support tariffs.

Never, ever threaten US or you will face consequences, Trump tells Iran
He said "overthrow, disintegration, boycott and weakening" were the main U.S. policies against Iran . He assured them that the Trump administration shared their dreams for the people of Iran .

The $12 billion in funding will arrive through direct assistance, a food purchase and distribution program, and a trade promotion program, all paid for by USA taxpayers.

Where is the $12 billion coming from?

The funds will come through direct assistance, a food purchase and distribution program, and a trade promotion program. "All will be Great!" he concluded.

Mr. Trump's stance is in direct opposition to bipartisan criticism toward his tariff policies. He added that, "Tariffs are taxes". And American consumers are the ones who get hit with US -imposed tariffs.

The new plan at the Agriculture Department would advance emergency funds for these farmers but likely not provide a long-term solution if the trade disputes with China and other countries persist. "If tariffs punish farmers, the answer is not welfare for farmers - the answer is remove the tariffs".

"This trade war is cutting the legs out from under farmers and White House's "plan" is to spend $12 billion on gold crutches", Sasse said in a statement Tuesday. America's farmers don't want to be paid to lose - they want to win by feeding the world.

Brennan replied to an earlier message from Trump on Twitter calling tariffs "the greatest".