DeMar DeRozan embraced everything Toronto, and fans loved him for it

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Once the news had a few hours to sink in, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich addressed the media about Kawhi and his trade to the Toronto Raptors. They'd be a longshot to land Leonard, but if he doesn't stay in Toronto or land in L.A., they'd provide a comfortable situation for him. Hopefully that will inspire Leonard, who is reportedly not too thrilled by the trade. I think he's going to be great. DeRozan is one of the most beloved athletes in the history of Toronto sports, and during his nine-year tenure, he firmly established himself as the best Raptors player of all time. But after getting swept in the second round by Cleveland, the Raptors decided massive changes were necessary - first the firing of coach of the year Dwane Casey, and now the trading of a perennial All-Star who once famously declared "I am Toronto". Where in March there was league-wide talk of whether the Raptors had finally broken the code by valuing depth in a superstar-driven league, by June there was a consensus that they would be, maybe, the third-best best team in the East, even if the Cavaliers cratered in the post-LeBron era.

Kawhi Leonard now is a member of the Toronto Raptors.

While Toronto may not be able to offer the Hollywood exposure that National Basketball Association stars can enjoy in Los Angeles, there are many upsides for players of Leonard's calibre, said Vijay Setlur, sports marketing expert and professor in the School of Business at York University. Furthermore, Windhorst suggested that the Raptors could even waive the physical requirement simply to get Leonard on the team.

Despite never cracking the NBA, Thames has carved out a solid career as a pro.

Kawhi Leonard
Leonard is a two-time All Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year

But Elhassan can understand the Lakers' master plan to topple the Golden State Warriors - having won the Western Conference in all of the last four years and taken championships in three of those, all against James' Cavs. He was last there in 2015-16 with Fort Wayne, who still hold his rights.

This is likely nothing.

With Leonard, the Raptors acquire a two-way player who has proven he can win on the big stage. But the trouble with Leonard is, nobody really knows what he wants, other than to be a Laker. While this does not guarantee that Leonard will join the Lakers, it certainly takes the five-year super max out of the equation. All things are connected.

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