Judge orders Manafort transferred to different jail

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On Tuesday, he ordered that Manafort be transferred to a jail in Alexandria, about 20 minutes from Washington, "to ensure that defendant has access to his counsel and can adequately prepare his defense".

Prosecutors say Manafort has a personal telephone that he uses to prepare for trial with lawyers.

President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort asked a federal judge on Tuesday to keep him in a jail about 100 miles from Washington, D.C., after receiving permission earlier in the day to move closer.

Prosecutors said in a court filing Wednesday that Manafort has told people he is being treated like a "VIP" in the Northern Neck lockup, where he has his own phone and computer, writes emails and does not have to wear a uniform.

"Think about how it'll play elsewhere", Manafort said, according to the court filing.

Though Manafort's lawyers have said he spends almost all of his days in solitary confinement, prosecutors described his living arrangements as a "private, self-contained living unit, which is larger than other inmates' units" with its own bathroom and shower.

Manafort has even used a workaround, prosecutors allege, to send more emails to outsiders: He "reads and composes emails on a second laptop that is shuttled in and out of the facility by his team".

Manafort's complaints about the jail conditions were the basis for a request to delay the trial. His trial in Alexandria is set for July 25.

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"Manafort has revealed on the monitored phone calls that in order to exchange emails, he reads and composes emails on a second laptop that is shuttled in and out of the facility by his team", the US said.

Ellis concluded that Manafort's ability to prepare for trial "trumps his personal comfort".

For nearly a month, he has lived in a VIP unit at a rural Virginia regional jail two hours from Washington, where he's retained some conveniences of the outside world.

"If five lawyers take up five rooms, then you wait in line for someone to finish", defense attorney Marina Medvin said.If they take up the entire time slot, then you're out of luck - you need to leave and come back and hopefully be first in line".

Prosecutors with the special counsel asked the judge to jail Manafort after learning that he had attempted to contact potential government witnesses in the days after Mueller brought a superseding indictment against him.

Manafort has mounted an aggressive defense against the special counsel, arguing that Mueller's mandate was too broad and that he was not authorized to charge Manafort with crimes unrelated to Russian collusion.

The special counsel said Manafort's actions violated federal law, and therefore violated the terms of his pretrial release.

Hull said that when jail officials learned Manafort was communicating by email, his attorneys were told to stop the practice. Instead, a judge made a decision to move Manafort into more a more traditional jail situation, though he will be kept separate from other inmates for his own safety. Manafort faces charges of tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, witness tampering and failing to register as a foreign agent. But the judges overseeing both cases against Manafort recently struck down those arguments.