Israel attacks Syrian army post in Quneitra

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Netanyahu traveled to Moscow on Wednesday for talks with President Vladimir Putin, who in the past has turned a blind eye to Israeli strikes on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria while making clear Russian Federation does not want Assad's rule endangered.

In addition to Netanyahu, Ali Akbar Velayati - a senior advisor to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - is also scheduled to be in Moscow on Wednesday for a meeting with Putin.

Israeli Knesset member Robert Ilatov said Israel won't tolerate Iranian or Hezbollah forces near its border.

They have been alarmed by the presence of Iran during the seven-year war in Syria.

"Israel can not allow [an] Iranian presence inside Syria". Israel worries that it could deploy troops or allow Iranian and "Hezbollah" allies to set up emplacements near Israeli lines.

"The heart of the matter is retaining our freedom of action against anyone who acts against us, and the removal of the Iranians from Syrian territory", Netanyahu said, a day after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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On Wednesday, Israeli forces shot down a drone that violated its airspace.

"Because Russian military forces are operating just over the northern mountains of Israel in Syria and Israel doesn't have a military conflict with Russia and it does not want a military conflict with Russia", Rosenberg told CBN News.

Earlier in July, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman pledged a "harsh response" to any attempts by the Syrian army to enter the Golan Heights, which became a demilitarized zone in accordance with the 1974 disengagement agreement.

"[It] is a ideal play in that sense because it's aspirational, it's murky, it would take years to accomplish, and yet they could declare it as some tangible outcome", he said.

That position is shared by most U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, many of whom are now concerned that when President Donald Trump meets with Putin early next week, he might make some kind of deal that leaves Syria in the hands of the Russians, and their Iranian allies.

The timing of the Putin-Netanyahu meeting Wednesday is considered not as coincidental.