These 'It's Coming Home' Memes Win the World Cup

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The most erotically charged example of football coming home definitely came with a little help from the brilliant dole queue scene in "The Full Monty". But first, a bit of context.

Football anthem Three Lions is leading the race to top the Official Singles Chart this Friday as Gareth Southgate's England prepare for their World Cup semi-final against Croatia.

The song is titled "Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)' not 'It's Coming Home". The following are our favourites thus far.

"Three Lions" was written, with a mordant irony only possible in Great Britain, to celebrate the arrival of the European Championship in 1996 to England, the idea being that football would be thereby returning to the place of the modern game's birth.

Can England's crucial player take them to a World Cup title? The iconic line in the song "It's Coming Home" is taking over the country. With lyrics like, "England's gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away", and "thirty years of hurt", the song was meant to lovingly poke fun at the bittersweet existence of British soccer fans, according to the Independent.

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Without a doubt, the shining star in this England side, Harry Kane is the leading the race for the Golden Boot having scored 6 out of England's 11 goals so far in the competition.

After its 2-0 victory over Sweden on Saturday, the advancing to the World Cup semifinals for the first time since 1990.

In recent past, England only had World Cup appearances to forget.

Baddiiel, Skinner and The Lightning seeds score top place following England win. "And yet, as I sat in Frank Skinner's living room watching England play Sweden - the team confidence and spirit so clearly there, Harry Maguire's and Dele Alli's headers sealing the day, Jordan Pickford a god among men - I started to experience a odd new feeling".

As the BBC News website has rules about this kind of thing, we can't show you this encounter - but we can provide you with a sanitised version of the chant.