Talks with USA on dismantling nuclear programme were regrettable, says North Korea

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Nauert said "progress was made" in the meetings Saturday morning, and Pompeo was expected to have more meetings in the afternoon.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has delivered a dose of harsh reality to Donald Trump, bashing hopes for a quick denuclearization deal in a pointed rebuke to the president's top envoy while accusing the US of making "gangster-like" demands.

He said Pompeo's delegation insisted on unilateral complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation, known as CVID. "But through the high-level talks, the trust between the DPRK and the United States is facing a unsafe situation where our resolve for denuclearization, which has been firm and steadfast, may falter".

There was no immediate comment on the KCNA statement from the State Department or the White House. "I expect that the DPRK (North Korea) is ready to do the same".

Kim Jong-un studied at a junior high school in Bern.

Not even a month ago, Trump was tweeting that the North Korea nuclear problem was all but solved, and that Americans could finally rest easy thanks to his breakthrough in talks with Kim.

In comparison to past global nuclear disarmament negotiations, and indeed to most major power diplomacy, the discussions between Washington and North Korea on thawing ties and dismantling the North's arsenal appear to be proceeding in reverse.

The Trump administration has said that if North Korea abandons its nuclear weapons program it could become a rich and successful country.

In Singapore, Kim Jong Un made a broad commitment to "work toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", but offered no details of how or when North Korea might dismantle a weapons program that Trump has vowed will not be allowed to threaten the United States. "These are complicated issues but we made progress on nearly all of the central issues".

The statement came shortly after Pompeo said he had made progress "on nearly all of the central issues" in the talks, including on setting a timeline for its denuclearisation, though more work remained to be done.

Some US experts on North Korea said the ongoing disputes show the risk of Washington granting premature concessions to Pyongyang.

The threat comes just a few weeks after Mr Trump said a process of "total denuclearisation has already started" and that North Korea was blowing up four of its big test sites.

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"They have gotten the USA to back off military exercises, back off using "CVID", back off the "Libya model" of rapid denuclearisation, back off on human rights, and to look the other way while China relaxes sanctions implementation".

Pompeo also emphasized economic sanctions now being imposed on the North "will remain in place until final, fully verified denuclearization as agreed by Chairman Kim occurs".

It dismissed Trump's unilateral order to suspend joint USA and South Korean war games as a cosmetic and "highly reversible" measure and criticised U.S. negotiators who "never mentioned" the subject of bringing the 1953 Korean War to a formal end with a peace treaty.

He added, North Korea has agreed to continue talks on dismantling nuclear facilities, and the repatriation of the remains of US soldiers killed during the Korean war.

On the destruction of the missile engine plant, Pompeo said, "We talked about what the modalities would look like for the destruction of that facility as well, and some progress there as well, and then we have laid out a path for further negotiation at the working level so the two teams can get together and continue these discussions".

He said the key to Vietnam's rise was post-Vietnam War engagement with the United States, which began in 1985, when the countries started working together to repatriate remains of USA service members lost in Vietnam.

"They cheat. President Trump wants to change the economic relationship with China", the SC lawmaker said on "Fox News Sunday".

It was reported Friday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in North Korea this week with a special gift for North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un from President Donald Trump: a CD that included Elton John's hit-song "Rocket Man".

A former top USA diplomat for Asia, Daniel Russel, said the setback was to be expected and warned Trump he is engaged in a long negotiation that would not produce easy quick, made for television results that the president likely wants.

The North Korean official added that this is a "dangerous phase that might rattle our willingness for denuclearization that had been firm". Kim ended Pompeo's visit on a positive note, telling the top United States diplomat just before he boarded his plane, "We will produce an outcome, results".

The Secretary told reporters that they made progress in every element of their discussion, . but did not elaborate on whether a timeline has been set for North Korea's "complete denuclearization".