LeBron James: Basketball star agrees to join Los Angeles Lakers

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The problem with the signings of Stephenson, McGree, and Rondo is that none of the players are particularly good, and the Lakers ate up valuable cap space to add them.

Could even more interesting additions be on the way? Also, Washington represents a potential place for Howard to sign a veteran minimum's deal while cleaning up a sullied reputation ahead of next year's free agency bonanza.

Howard, 32, was traded to Brooklyn from Charlotte earlier this offseason.

Nonetheless, on the surface, it's confusing to land the best player in the National Basketball Association (and possibly of all-time) then surround him with players who were not exactly in high demand. It seemed that teams were going out of their way to top each other. The defending champs used their mid-level exception to sign DeMarcus Cousins to a deal that rocked the NBA Monday night.

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Durant recently signed a two-year deal with the option to opt out next summer. But the Lakers need a center and nearly the entire regime (from the players to the coaching staff to the front office) is now different from when Howard played there.

Howard ranked 4th in the league last season in Total Rebound Percentage and 10th in the league last season in Block Percentage, but doesn't have a polished offensive game, isn't a fluid passer, and is a awful free throw shooter.

For one, the Lakers risk playing the 2018-19 season without a clear path to a title, which matters given that James turns 34 in December. He's among the most disliked players in the league, and it might be part of the reason why the Hornets sent him to the Nets last month. With his own production company SpringHill Entertainment, James' projects include a remake of "House Party". He's expected to complete a buyout with the franchise, go through waivers and then hit free agency.

U.S. media reports said the Lakers move was sealed following a meeting late Saturday between James and the team's president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson. Maybe that means trading for Kawhi Leonard or taking another chance on Howard in hopes that he can contribute to a championship contender. With rumblings indicating Leonard wants to end up on the Lakers, some are wondering exactly when Los Angeles will acquire the superstar forward and have the makings of a superteam.