Eureka! iOS 12 Simplifies Closing iPhone X Apps

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The UI appearing on the client does not resemble an iOS or App Store view, does not provide a store-like interface, or include the ability to browse, select, or purchase software not already owned or licensed by the user.

Parents can also set up a feature which will sent them reports from their children's phones and set time limits on app usage. Resetting Face ID will remove all the data Face ID has learned about your face over time. Apple has announced the new iOS version and also disclosed that the new update will be available to all devices which now have iOS 11.

To start, Do Not Disturb at Bedtime is a new feature created to help iPhone users unwind before bed, and works by taking whatever notifications are now awaiting your review and hiding them on a separate screen until the morning when you wake up.

Virtual assistant Siri has also been made more powerful through the new Shortcuts feature. The update will work on any Apple device that is now capable of running iOS 11, which includes iPhone 5s and iPad Air and later. Some of it is silly, like the new "Memoji", that is, your face as an Animoji, or that Animojis now have tongue detection.

Check out all the new features for Apple iOS 12 here. iOS 12 is getting some meaningful updates that will help you be more productive and potentially less distracted by your device.

Apple will roll out macOS Mojave to its MacBook line of devices this fall along with iOS 12. Among the upgrades include WebKit, so you can look at web pages on the watch, a Walkie-Talkie function that's fairly self-explanatory, automatic sensing of workouts, and a pilot test at several universities of an "identity card" feature that will allow access to certain buildings.

Microsoft reportedly in "serious" talks to acquire GitHub
Many corporations, including Microsoft and Alphabet Inc.'s Google , use GitHub to store their corporate code and to collaborate. Why would Microsoft make this deal? In any case, we will be sure to keep you abreast of updates as the story develops.

Apple took its privacy complaints against Facebook all the way to its biggest event of the year-the Worldwide Developer Conference, also known as WWDC. "We may not even recognize how distracted we've become".

The decision came after two shareholders, California State Teachers' Retirement System and Jana Partners, which own about $2 billion in Apple stock combined, released a letter that said Apple needs to take a stance against iPhone addiction and mental health issues the device creates in people, The Verge reported.

There are four new animated emoji characters that respond to your facial expressions: ghost, koala, tiger and a T-rex. The new FaceTime will allow you to invite up to 32 people into the same video chat session, instead of just one-on-one calls. In Safari, enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention helps block social media "Like" or "Share" buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without permission.

One of the more interesting features that no one really asked for, but seems super useful nonetheless, is an app for measuring things.

"Great technology should improve life, not distract from it", reads Google's new digital wellbeing site.

Apple also unveiled an app called "Measure" that measures boxes and other objects in the real world by pointing the camera at them.