Bumblebee movie TRAILER: Transformers prequel gets first action-packed teaser

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Welcome to #TrailerChest, where we're taking a sneak peek at the brand new trailer for Bumblebee. Yes, it's been eleven years since the first Transformers hit theaters.

We're not quite sure about the exact plot of the movie.

Indeed, Bumblebee will set itself apart from Michael Bay's five (!) Transformers films in that it is set in the 1980s and tells a smaller scale story, with the titular Transformer befriending a young girl.

The trailer, which you can check out above, previews the journey of Bumblebee and Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), as well as a possible foe that the pair will have to face.

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Meanwhile Cena plays Burns, an agent of Sector 7 and Bumblebee will face a Deception than transforms into a red 1971 Plymouth GTX.

Transformers: The Last Knight may not have performed so well, but there's still Bumblebee on the horizon - the first of Paramount's live-action transforming robot flicks that doesn't have Michael Bay behind the camera. She's in high school. Directed by Travis Knight, the film is set in the 80's and will chronicle the events that happened prior to the first Transformers film.

In the trailer, he is discovered by teenager Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who he forms a bond with. "When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug".

Bumblebee: The Movie opens December 21 in the U.S. and December 26 in the United Kingdom, with no Australia release date yet.