Apple introduces macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, desktop Stacks and more

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It was Apple who first brought Animoji to the iPhones, Samsung then introduced AR Emoji.

The next major version of macOS is Mojave, Apple has now unveiled. Let's focus on the much anticipated MacOS for now.

Apple took the wraps off its upcoming software yesterday - iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 - and needless to say it had everyone impressed.

What's new in macOS Mojave? Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to sum up Mojave as the OS which caters to professionals as well as everyday users. It also brings video previews of Mac apps for the first time. He further added that the feature looks good for presentations and photography. Apple released four new operating systems on the Day One of WWDC 2018, which started on June 4.

The second new feature is called "dynamic desktop". It does look cool though.

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However, there appears to be one useful additional feature. The feature in turn automatically organizes files into separate groups. The user can access the stack by clicking on it and it opens it.

The file preview, which is activated by selecting a file and pressing the Space key, receives new functions. Here, you can scan through files visually. Would you use Digital Wellbeing / Screen Time? Persistent AR will also change the way consumers interact with AR apps by creating opportunities to leave virtual objects in the real world to which users can return. A user can add signatures, rotate photos, combine multiple items into a PDF. When you click on a stack, it expands out so you can select which file you'd like. For example, if an image is selected, you can easily manipulate it or access markup tools. Each Mac version is built upon the iOS frameworks, and delivers a similar feature set. There's also a document-scanning option that works the same way. Stocks and Voice Memos will be on the Mac as well as been seen on the iPad. That said, despite the popularity of the iPhone and iOS, macOS isn't going anywhere.

Apple Home will also be available on Mac. The second is Home, enabling Mac users to control their HomeKit accessories right from within their desktops. There's also now a sidebar on the right for more information on a particular photo. In addition to API-level protections already in place for photos, contacts and other personal data, Mojave introduces protections for the microphone, camera, mail databases, user backups and message history as well. There will also be additional privacy tools in the Safari web browser, he said. Every time a social media website or element tries to track you, Safari will now pop up an alert, which lets you accept that your data is being tracked.

"Your Mac will look like everyone else's Mac".