Service Dog Gives Birth To Puppies In Tampa International Airport

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Airline passengers were treated to a special delivery at Tampa International Airport on Friday.

City of Tampa Fire Rescue was on the scene to provide support to the new mother and documented the delivery.

Van Atter says she will be donating one of the puppies to a children's service dog charity.

This is not something you expect to see when going to the airport.

Due to the unexpected birth, the woman and her daughter missed their flight.

Van Atter said she has mobility and pain issues, Nipps said, and the dogs were service dogs, though Eleanor Rigby was still in training.

The owner of the service dog Paramedic Larry Glanton an unidentified woman and Lt Natalie Brown smile for the camera after Ellie delivered all eight of the pups

It was hard to control the father of the puppies during the delivery.

The pregnant yellow lab was flying to Philadelphia with her owner and her "partner", Nugget.

She and her owner were on their way to Philadelphia when Ellie went into labor.

Paramedics Larry Glanton and lt Natalie Brown delivered seven male pups and a little girl, with proud dad Nugget (also a service dog) by Ellie's side throughout.

The puppies aren't allowed to fly for another eight weeks so Van Atter said she will drive home with them.

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