Hollywood Stars Supporting Legalizing Abortion in Ireland

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Another, by RTE, showed a similar projection of 69.4 percent in favor.

Ireland appears poised to overwhelmingly overturn a constitutional amendment that bans abortion in nearly all circumstances, according to a exit poll.

After weeks of anticipation, acrimony and more than a little heated discussion, Irish voters are finally casting ballots Friday to decide a simple yet deeply divisive question: Should the country repeal a constitutional amendment that bans abortion in almost all circumstances?

Now some stars are using their voices to try to create political change around the globe, with Courteney Cox, Emma Watson, Chelsea Handler and more supporting a referendum up for vote on Friday in Ireland to legalize abortion. The Eighth Amendment - the constitutional provision protecting the right to life for the unborn - was passed that same year with 67 percent approval.

The 27-year-old voted yes to repeal the Eighth Amendment. That said, with a result of that magnitude, clearly there was very little to be done.

"A lot of people from around the world have fought really hard to get home to vote, to be a part of this movement", he said. "I think life is sacred and for that reason I had to vote no", said Rooney, who voted early Friday at the North Grand Church polling station in Dublin.

Met Eireann predicts a largely sunny day across the whole country, with just a few showers.

After previously tweeting that "the 8th amendment prevents nothing but the safety and dignity of our fellow citizens".

The poll suggests that the margin of victory for the Yes side in the referendum will be 68 per cent to 32 per cent - a stunning victory for the Yes side after a long and often divisive campaign.See here for liveblog coverage of the count on Saturday.

"I hope that a Yes vote will help to lift that stigma and help to take away that legacy of shame that exists in our society", Mr Varadkar said.

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The referendum vote is expected to be a close contest in the largely Catholic nation.

Currently, abortion is only allowed when a woman's life is at risk, but not in cases of rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormality.

Abortion is now illegal in Ireland and has been since 1983 when an amendment was made requiring authorities to equally protect the right to life of a mother and that of a fetus, from the moment of conception.

At least 170,000 Irish women are believed to have had abortions outside the country since 1980.

Her father Andanappa Yalagi released a video calling on voters to "remember Savita" when they voted. This is despite the fact that a baby needs more protection, not less, than an adult; repeal would give the mother, or those "advising" her, the power of life and death over the baby.

Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar casts his ballot in the referndum.

As per 1983 amendment, anyone terminating a pregnancy in Ireland could face 14 years in jail.

Thousands of Irish women every year cross the channel to have an abortion in the UK. "It's a vote as to whether we trust the women of Ireland to make decisions about their own lives for themselves".

If the Eighth Amendment, also known as Article 40.3.3, is repealed, it is expected to be recommended that abortions in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy be introduced without restriction.