The Apple drops for Samsung

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Attorneys for Apple, however, said the jury should award some $1 billion to the iPhone maker based on overall sales of Samsung's devices. Apple wants $1bn from Samsung, the full amount of profit it made from phones that infringed three of Apple's design patents.

Apple and Samsung have been at each other's throats over legal issues regarding patent infringements.

Meanwhile, the patent trial which kicked off yesterday with jury selection was proved so hard to find unbiased jurors that choosing eight of them from the 74 candidates took an nearly whole day. An MIT professor, John Hauser, conducted a form of trade-off analysis to determine the value of individual features to customers. But Apple's patents "do not cover the entire phone", Quinn said, adding that they are entitled only to the profits of the infringing components, and "not on anything that's inside the phone". Vellturo cited the fact once people enter a particular ecosystem they tend to stick with it for future purchases. Apple's dispute with Samsung for blatant copying its several smartphone design features has been running for a very long time now! Samsung was found guilty of breaking the patents back in 2012. "It is one, very specific ornamental design."Samsung also wanted to argue that no damages should be awarded for about 1 million of the phones in question because they're cased in white plastic, rather than black". His own words sight the design as "revolutionary".

Samsung has argued that consumers have other reasons to buy a phone other than its original design.

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Apple attorney Bill Lee stressed to jurors the importance of design to Apple, which "puts design before everything else". Samsung, meantime, has requested the jury to restrict damages to $28 million.

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The U.S. Supreme Court, which took up the Apple-Samsung patent fight in 2016 after a series of appeals, ruled on a narrow aspect of the case by finding juries and judges can look at discrete articles of manufacture, or components of a product, when assessing damages.

Only $400 million of that total is at stake during this retrial, which is expected to last through the week.