Sherpa guides scales Everest setting new records

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Lhakpa Sherpa, 44, broke her own record by climbing Everest for the ninth time - the highest number of ascents by a woman.

Kami Rita, a veteran Sherpa guide, also claimed a new record for Mount Everest summits by making it to the peak for the 22nd time with a group of climbers.

He was already safely on his way to a lower camp by the afternoon.

Kami Rita apparently hopes to reach 25 times before retiring.

Mountaineering has been his family tradition. His brother has scaled Everest 17 times.

Past year seven people lost their lives on the world's highest peak, while 449 summited from the Nepal side and at least another 120 made it to the top from the north side in Tibet.

Kami made his first ascent of Everest in 1994 when he was 24. He has also climbed numerous region's other high peaks, including K-2, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu and Lhotse.

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A Sherpa guide has been missing on Everest's southern side in Nepal since Monday, said Mr Mingma of Seven Summits.

Apa, a 58-year-old guide who uses only one name, retired in 2011 and moved to Utah.

Ballinger and others have suggested that a helicopter be used to ferry climbers and supplies to the first camp on the mountain, Camp 1, to improve safety, as is done on other peaks such as Mount Cook in New Zealand. She now lives in the U.S. and works at a departmental store.

According to mountaineering officials, Sherpa reached the summit at 8:30 am on Wednesday. The next most accomplished female Everest climber is American Melissa Sue Arnot, who has reached the top six times. According to the Himalayan Database, a record of expeditions in the Himalayas since 1903, out of 8,306 Everest summits so far, 5,280 have happened from Nepal and 3,026 from Tibet.

More than 340 climbers will attempt the Everest summit in the coming weeks.

He was taken to a hospital for a checkup but appeared to be in good condition.

A total of 94 foreign climbers and Sherpas made it to the top of Everest on Wednesday alone.