US initiates investigation to Cambridge Analytica scam

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I'm pleased that Facebook is now trying to mop up these third-party apps which have broken users' trust in the past, but to my mind it's too late. According to New Scientist, data like people's names, ages, genders, and relationship status - and even some status updates - of 3 million people was stored insecurely on a website that wasn't protected properly.

The quiz, called myPersonality, collected highly sensitive data, including psychometric test results that revealed how neurotic or extrovert an individual was.

The people behind the data sets were David Stillwell and Michal Kosinski at the University of Cambridge's The Psychometrics Centre. The username and password have been publicly available for the past four years on GitHub.

The allegations of the improper use of data for millions of Facebook users by the firm, which was hired by President Donald Trump's 2016 USA election campaign, have prompted multiple investigations in the United States and Europe. Committee chair Collins stated that one of the areas in which Facebook lacked detail was in questions relating to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In response to the scandal, Facebook promised to investigate apps on the site. It is also thought that deanonymizing the data for numerous victims would be fairly easy given the wide range of information collected by the app and tied to unique user IDs.

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"Although Facebook says Mr Zuckerberg has no plans to travel to the United Kingdom, we would also be open to taking his evidence by video link, if that would be the only way to do this". Alexander Kogan who is at the heart of the Cambridge Analytica situation was also listed on this project as a collaborator until 2014.

Earlier this month, Cambridge Analytica announced it would shut down and declare bankruptcy, saying that negative press and cascading federal and state investigations had driven away customers and made it impossible for the firm to remain in business.

The social media giant on Monday said that is auditing each and every app that has access to the data of its users and has already suspended 200 apps which failed to comply with its policies.