Scientist Dr David Goodall, 104, ends his life at Swiss clinic

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"I am glad to arrive", he said from a wheelchair at a French airport Monday as he neared his final destination. What is sad is if one is prevented.

The organization arranged his appointment at Life Circle and raised funds for the scientist to travel business class from Australia to Switzerland.

"I would quite like to be remembered as an instrument of freeing the elderly from the need to pursue their life irrespective", the honorary research associate at Perth's Edith Cowman University said, according to The Local.

Assisted dying is illegal in Australia. except for one state, Victoria, which in November 2017 voted to legalize euthanasia in some cases.

Goodall ended his life at a Swiss clinic by administering a lethal drug under the guidance of doctors, according to a spokesperson for the pro-euthanasia group Exit International, CNN reported.

"At 12.30 today (10th May) Professor David Goodall, 104 years of age, died peacefully at Life Cycle, Basel, Switzerland from an infusion of Nembutal", Exit International founder Philip Nitschke tweeted shortly after Goodall's passing.

The man known as doctor death has become infamous not only for advocating suicide on demand, but also for creating and distributing various suicide kits and life-ending machines, even in countries where medically assisted suicide is forbidden. "Life stopped being enjoyable five or 10 years ago", he said, in part because of his failing mobility and eyesight.

In the United States, only six states - California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington state - and Washington DC, have death-with-dignity laws for terminally ill patients.

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Earlier this year, Dr Goodall fell to the floor while alone in his one-bedroom apartment in Perth.

"I'm looking forward to it", he said of his imminent death.

"My life has been rather poor for the past year or so and I'm very happy to end it", he said, surrounded by several family members.

Goodall said he thought it was time for him to die.

He had attempted suicide three times, but Australian medical professionals saved him.

"There are many things I would like to do, but it's too late.I'm content to leave them undone".

"This is taking an terrible long time", Goodall reportedly complained about the actual death process.

He said he hoped the widespread interest he generated would spur Australia and other countries to rethink their laws.