Warriors Open as Series Favorites over Rockets

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On top of that, the Rockets won two of three games against the Warriors during the regular season, when the Warriors were the favorites in all three. Houston has been planning for this showdown for some time now, having built a team capable of competing with the Warriors. Houston struggled in Games 2, 3 and 4 from the perimeter against the Jazz but was hot in Games 1 and 5: if the Rockets' shooting from those two games show up, the Warriors could have their hands full. He played 27 minutes on his return when he came off the bench, and the coach revealed the precaution was due to his conditioning and not because of the knee injury.

Capela serves as the league's leading blocker with 2.8 blocks per game and averages a gnarly 12.2 rebounds per game. In a match-up National Basketball Association fans have been looking forward to all season long, the Rockets will take on the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors.

When Golden State eliminated Houston in the Conference Finals in 2015, the $665 average asking price on the secondary market seemed high. Durant was impressed with Kerr's handling of Curry before he was unleashed for 37 minutes in Game 5 when they wrapped up the series against the Pelicans.

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The Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors are no strangers. With 15 consecutive wins at Oracle, the Warriors' crowd has a way of making runs cascade. Daryl Morey just might get his wish, as the Rockets and Warriors are set to face off in the Western Conference Finals. At the close of last year's Finals, Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey was famously quoted as saying he'd have to "up his risk profile" if his team was to compete with Golden State.

He finished with 28 points, while Kevin Durant had 24 and Klay Thompson added 23. When the teams were healthy, Houston prevailed: they rallied for a 122-121 win on the road on Opening Night and then won the final meeting in late January. Yes, this is the most compelling series we could have hoped for. General manager Dennis Lindsey says the team will be focused on internal improvements first during the offseason.

Rockets star James Harden, who was kept quiet with a relatively modest haul of 18 points, paid tribute to Paul's performance. "It throws a lot of these groups off, but for us, we've got a versatile group that can play different ways". And Paul, if you somehow haven't heard, will now play in the first conference finals of his 13-year career. However, Game 5 proved why even four or five role players are worth sacrificing for one superstar. He put us all back and said, 'Listen, I got us.' That's big time right there.