Google Maps 'For You' Section, Augmented Reality Features Announced

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It's these match scores that are the most interesting, since it's basically Google's own algorithms telling you how it thinks you'll like a particular place.

This feature is expected to roll out "in the next few weeks".

A new For You tab will allow you to stay on top of the latest happenings in the areas you're into.

Finally, if you long-press on a location you can quickly share that spot with your friends, and they will be able to rank it and comment on it within the Maps app. All of the invitees can then determine which place you want to hang out in, Google Maps will make the reservation for you, and it can even schedule rides to and from the restaurant.

Additionally, Google Maps is receiving better support for group planning. So if you're exhausted of sorting through all those 4-star options, soon you can just go with your machine-based match. Another Google Maps feature called "Your Match" will suggest restaurants and other venues that are specifically catered to the end-user through the power of machine learning.

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When you check out a particular area on the map, you'll see dining, event, and activity options based on the area you're looking at.

Google Maps wasn't forgotten at the search giant's big developer conference this year. They're using two ways to do this, including expanding their VIsual Positioning System (VPS) technology they launched with Project Tango, bringing it to all devices and a new Augmented Reality view using your camera.

Google announced today at Google I/O that some new features are coming to Google Maps.

To offer personal recommendations, Google created a "Your Match" score that users machine learning to combine what Google knows about hundreds of millions of places with the information a user has added - such as restaurants a user has rated and cuisines they like. Street View can label things in the real world using your camera, and show you an overlay to let you know which way to go.