Coal mining fatalities on the rise

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Around three hours later, a mine 25 kilometres (16 miles) to the west at Spin Carez collapsed in similar circumstances, killing seven of the nine miners inside.

The Director of the Pakistan offices for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters in a Meager Hahn reported on the explosion of methane in coal deposits Mararska, which killed 16 miners.

Two bodies had been recovered and several injured labourers were evacuated on Saturday. "We have recovered all the 16 bodies from the rubble caused by the collapse in the coal mine", Atique said. On Sunday, five bodies were recovered when the rescue operation resumed.

He said rescue workers had rescued 11 other miners who had been trapped in the mine.

Sources said that after the gas explosion, a huge fire broke out in the Marwar mine causing it to collapse. The first accident occurred in Marwaarh due to a gas explosion on Saturday.

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Accidents are frequent in the province's mines, where safety measures are basic and numerous workforce come from other parts of Pakistan. All the injured miners were rescued and taken to the hospital.

"The collapse apparently took place because of a gas explosion and the miners working at that time were trapped inside".

Mines in Pakistan are operated by the semi-autonomous Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation.

According to the Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation (PCMLF), about 100 to 200 labourers die on average in coal mine accidents every year.