Sacked US Television Anchor Charlie Rose, CBS News Sued For Sexual Harassment

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Three former junior female colleagues sued disgraced television anchor Charlie Rose and CBS News on Friday for discrimination, harassment and retaliation, seeking unspecified damages in NY.

CBS News did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Harris, the lawsuit says, joined CBS in January of 2016, and said Rose started noticing her, taking her to lunch at expensive restaurants. The lawsuit also accuses CBS executives of failing to warn the employees about Rose's history of sexual misconduct.

Fourteen of the women worked at CBS News, where, The Post reported, three managers had been warned about him, as far back as 1986 and as recently as 2017. A new investigation by The Washington Post brought to the public's attention an additional 27 women, who say Rose behaved improperly towards them.

Rose was ousted from CBS a year ago after allegations of harassment emerged.

The suit also accuses Mr. Kadro of harassment, saying that at one point a year ago he "kicked and shoved Ms. Wei's chair with substantial force, startling, intimidating and scaring Ms. Wei". Shortly thereafter, Rose himself was suspended and then fired. Rose his job as a host [VIDEO] of "CBS This Morning" and an on-the-scene reporter for "60 Minutes".

The network has reportedly hired the law firm Proskauer Rose to help investigate all the claims against its former anchor.

The allegations include details of comments Rose made about their intelligence and their ethnicity.

The Washington Post said that on least three occasions prior to that, women reported discomfort about Rose's actions to superiors.

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Rose repeatedly required Harris to have lunch and dinner with him, where he would place his hands on her thigh and would point at other women and call them prostitutes, according to the claim.

One of the women, Yuqing "Chelsea" Wei, was the news associate. and in the suit she says Rose referred to her as "China Doll".

The retaliation component of the lawsuit stems from Wei's account that she was removed from her position as an anchor assistant several months after she filed a complaint with CBS human resources on November 30, just days after Rose was sacked.

CBS did not provide immediate comment on the lawsuit Friday. The woman said she complained to PBS management and was told that Rose was harmless. He later offered her a job with his company, which produced "The Charlie Rose Show" which aired on Bloomberg and PBS.

Wei has taken medical leave from the show.

Eleanor McManus, co-founder of Press Forward, a group of women who have been victims of sexual misconduct in newsrooms, said the Post report illustrated a systematic problem across news organizations that needed to be addressed.

The women are suing Rose and CBS for discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment.

Goldberg said he first reached out to CBS and Rose in February to make them aware of the potential claims.