Two Men Arrested At Starbucks Settle For $200000 Youth Programme

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Officials have also committed to setting up a $200,000 program to assist young entrepreneurs.

In addition, as part of the settlement, the two men will have a chance to share their thoughts with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, whose part of the team crafting the curriculum for that afternoon training session, Starbucks said.

The men will work with the city and a nonprofit organization to develop criteria, review applications and award the $200,000 grant, Dunn said.

After video of Robinson and Nelson's arrest went viral, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized to the men and announced over 8,000 Starbucks stores in the us would close on May 29 in order for 175,000 employees to receive training in unconscious bias.

Additionally, Robinson and Nelson will receive an undisclosed amount of money from Starbucks.

Police detain a man at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, in a picture grab obtained from a social media video.

Mr. Nelson and Mr. Robinson said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" a week after the arrest that they had been waiting at the Starbucks for a business meeting involving a real estate project they had been working on for months.

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The arrests prompted a #BoycottStarbucks campaign and protests at the store in Center City.

Robinson and Nelson have also been offered the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degrees through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, a first of a kind partnership with Arizona State University otherwise available to Starbucks partners to earn their bachelors degree with full tuition coverage.

Yesterday, Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson went to Philadelphia to apologise personally to the men and reveal the settlement deal.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who is black, apologized to the men, saying he made the decision worse by initially defending his officers' actions.

"We will provide them with a foundation of learning and provide them with an opportunity to be part of our company either directly or indirectly as a result of this situation", Schultz told co-host Gayle King. The mammoth coffee chain agreed to close its 8,000 company-owned stores in the United States to educate employees about racial bias on May 29.

"And Starbucks will continue to take actions that stem from this incident to fix and reaffirm our values and vision for the kind of company we want to be".

"I am proud to have fixed the claims from the City inside this successful fashion", " Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia mentioned in a statement.