SA ranks third among African nations on media freedom

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Last week, 14 of Turkey's respected newspaper, Cumhuriyet were said to have been found guilty of terrorism charges in Turkey because of the country's stifling of the media and criminalization of their journalistic works. In a series of tweets, Modi said that a free Press was necessary to make a democracy stronger and applauded those working tirelessly to uphold Freedom of Press.

Journalism students set up expo booths, show casing the work they produced at the university with the little resources and equipment that the school has.

He says promoting a free media is standing up for our right to truth.

"Governments the world over want to control the media - without an inconveniently free press, officials find it easier to do what they want".

He noted that over the last few years, the country had advanced from a couple of radio stations and one television station, to scores of radio stations and now free-to-air television stations were also counted in the dozens.

The participants also affirmed their commitment to establishing a secure digital environment for the free expression of journalists, political workers, activists and citizens.

The freedom of expression was enshrined as a human right under the Article 19 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Somali journalists have been resorting to self-censorship to protect themselves.

2 dead in Russian fighter jet crash off Syria coast
The disaster occurred as the aircraft was gaining altitude. "There was no fire impact on the plane", the Defense Ministry said. Preliminary reports claim a bird may have hit an engine during a take-off, according to RIA Novosti .

Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, the information secretary for PTI, said that his party completely supports freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

"You don't measure press freedom with isolated incidences of journalist clashing with security personnel".

He said the government also responded to criticism or probing questions by making statements to ridicule the media.

Activists also argue that journalists must also exercise professionalism.

Just as politicians are held to account in news stories every day, he said that journalists too should be held accountable for their reporting.

"The drop in the ranking of two is so small compared with what we as journalists on the ground here in Tonga are experiencing".

Ten journalists, including Agence France-Presse chief photographer Shah Marai, were killed in assaults on Monday, underscoring the dangers faced by the media as the war-torn country slips deeper into violence.