Palestinian teen dies of wounds from Israel-Gaza border shooting: Ministry

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The Palestinian ambassador to the UN has strongly condemned the recent killing of three Palestinian protesters by the Israeli regime, demanding that the UN Security Council (UNSC) take immediate action to ensure the rights of Palestinians are protected.

Hundreds of Palestinians on Friday converged on the Gaza Strip's eastern border with Israel amid ongoing mass rallies against Israel's decades-long occupation.

MEE correspondents in Gaza have also repeatedly witnessed Israeli forces targeting paramedics and journalists throughout the demonstrations.

During the past four weeks, 42 Palestinians have been killed and over 5,500 injured - 1,739 by live ammunition fired by the Israeli Security Forces (ISF) - along the fence in Gaza.

Paramedics in Gaza have also told Amnesty staff of difficulties evacuating injured protesters due to the Israeli army firing tear gas canisters at them.

The Palestinians say Israel is using excessive force against the protesters, 2,000 of whom have been wounded by gunfire.

The Health Ministry said the child was shot in the head, and was rushed to the Gaza European Hospital, where he underwent an urgent surgery, but remained in a very critical condition until he succumbed to his wounds.

In other incidents Friday, the military said Palestinian crowds rolled burning tires, hurled rocks and flew kites with flaming objects attached with the goal of damaging the fence and other Israeli targets.

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Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have been stalled for several years and Israeli settlements in the occupied territories have expanded.

The Israeli military fighter jets have targeted six military targets belonging to Hamas's naval force in the northern Gaza Strip, said the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The Gaza health ministry said 200 were wounded by gun fire, including a Palestinian journalist who was hit in the foot by a bullet. In other scenes, a small group lobs stones at an Israeli military vehicle on the other side of the fence. Zionists, or those who supported creation of an independent state for Jews, pressured the British government for the creation of the State of Israel, which happened in May 1948.

B'Tselem's El-Ad stressed that "extensive past experience clearly demonstrates that the recently announced Israeli "investigation" of some of these fatalities is nothing more than a whitewash mechanism", and "part of a façade created to give the impression that Israel is abiding by its legal obligation to investigate".

"The terrorists are hiding while allowing, even hoping, for their people to die". He added, "This is evil in its purest form".

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman blamed Hamas for the teenager's death, while Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon called on the global body to condemn Hamas's use of children as a cover for their terror activities. Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from the enclave in 2005 but, citing security concerns, maintains tight control over its land and sea borders.

Hussein also voiced alarm about the reports of "unusually severe injuries" and Israel refusing permits to leave for those seeking treatment outside Gaza. Israel refuses any right of return, fearing that the country would lose its Jewish majority.