Trump willing to help sift through Cohen raid evidence: lawyer

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Manhattan federal prosecutors on Thursday morning agreed to the appointment of a special master to aid in the review of attorney-client privilege claims over materials seized from President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Referencing Comey's memos documenting conversations between Comey and the president, Trump told the Fox hosts: "Well, his memo said I left immediately". He's got a business.

"You'll have to ask Michael Cohen", Trump said when reporters pressed further about why the payment would be made if Trump had no knowledge of the matter.

Donald Trump's phone interview on Fox & Friends this morning was like a burst transmission from deep space.

"But because of the fact that it's going on, and I think you'll understand this, I have decided that I won't be involved".

An attorney for Stormy Daniels, who has alleged Cohen was involved in a hush money deal to suppress her allegation of an affair with Trump before the election, also filed a motion with the court Thursday to be heard in the case. From what he has seen, the president said, Cohen did "absolutely nothing wrong". "There were no campaign funds going into this, which would have been a problem".

A judge in NY scheduled a noon conference to discuss electronic files and communications seized from Cohen's home and office April 9 as part of an investigation of his personal business dealings.

"Our Justice Department, which I try and stay away from, but at some point I won't - our Justice Department should be looking at that kind of stuff, not the nonsense of collusion with Russia", Trump said.

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"Cohen was either representing Trump on the payment and Trump knew about it, or Cohen was representing Trump but kept him in the dark on the payment and paid it out of his own pocket without reimbursement", Cramer said.

Despite his affinity for Fox News, Trump hasn't sat for an interview with anyone from the news side of Fox News since before he was elected president. "He wrote a lot of phony stuff", Trump said.

It's a telling window into the president's state of mind more than a year into his term - he views himself as embattled, beset upon by "deep state" enemies and Democrats bitter about his 2016 victory.

Michael Avenatti tweeted "This is a stunning development". President Trump's attorneys have argued that he should get the first look at any documents that might contained privileged communications with Cohen before prosecutors are permitted to review the seized materials.

"An interview like this can never help you legally", Dershowitz said.

"I'm very disappointed in my Justice Department", he reiterated. Avenatti is petitioning to represent Daniels in the litigation over the materials seized from Cohen, since he says documents relating to Daniels are part of the seized information.

Trump was also asked about Cohen's decision to plead the Fifth Amendment in a case brought by Daniels over the hush agreement.