France's Macron urges USA to help 'reinvent multilateralism'

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He reaffirmed France's commitment to the Iran accord, reminding Congress that both his country and the United States had signed it.

Macron said he saw his trip as a success not in changing Trump's mind, but in advancing a potential framework for both the United States and Iran after the current deal collapses.

"It will either last or not. If JCPOA stays, it stays in full".

"Let us work together in order to make our planet great again and create new jobs and new opportunities while safeguarding our Earth", Mr. Macron said, co-opting Mr. Trump's 2016 campaign slogan.

"You have no expertise in politics, nor in law, nor in worldwide accords", he said. "You're the ones now who have to help to preserve and reinvent it".

Those comments drew criticism from the European Union, prompting the bloc's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, to reaffirm once again that the existing deal was working and thus should be saved. Many of his lines received standing ovations from one side of the chamber - often Democrats - while the other party remained in place.

He defended major global agreements that President Trump has shunned, including the Paris Climate Agreement and Iran nuclear deal.

He says the deal doesn't give worldwide inspectors enough access to Iran's nuclear and military sites and has blasted "sunset" provisions, where limits on Iran's nuclear program expire in 2025.

"The biggest priority is maintaining the existing nuclear accord".

In Berlin, a German Foreign Ministry spokesman, Rainer Breul, said Germany would carefully examine the idea of a supplementary deal, but rejected changing the JCPOA.

Macron, in his remarks, called for the two countries to work together against Islamist militants, on North Korea and Iran, on "free and fair trade", and on climate change. "The question is whether, and in what circumstances, Iran would be ready to enter into such a process", he added.

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Trump has been a consistent critic of the worldwide agreement, calling the 2015 pact "insane" and "ridiculous".

True to his background in reality TV, Trump has kept everyone guessing.

Mattis reiterated his view that the deal is "imperfect" and said "there are obviously aspects of the agreement that can be improved upon". "We're going to see what happens on the 12th".

Saving the Iran deal has been high on the agenda of Macron's visit, and he has presented Trump with a supplementary pact that would further limit Iran's development of ballistic missiles and curb its military role in the region.

"They're not going to be restarting anything".

In an apparent reference to his friendly meetings this week with Trump, he said, "It can remind you of something".

Mr Trump and Mr Macron donned tuxedos and greeted each other with a traditional French two-cheek kiss before heading with their wives for a lavish state dinner on Wednesday.

Trump said earlier that "they should have made a deal that covered Yemen, that covered Syria". It's the first time a president from France has addressed Congress in more than a decade, but follows a tradition of foreign leaders appearing at the U.S. Capitol. "Therefore, distinguished members of the Congress, let us put them aside, write our own history and a future we want".

That deadline means there's still time for Trump to decide to stay in the accord for now.

In a speech to a joint meeting of Congress, Macron called on American lawmakers to construct a "new breed of multilateralism" in the face of urgent global threats - from climate change to terrorism. "Our willingness with this new small group is to create a bridge between the Geneva process and the Astana process to have a discussion encompassing all the allies of the region and to open line with Russian Federation and Turkey".