From Self-Destructing Emails to Snooze Mode: Gmail's New Features

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With the redesign, Google is offering easy options to snooze emails.

Gmail Users need not open an email for downloading an attachment. For those with messy inboxes, Google uses its algorithms to work out which emails are likely to be important and ensures that they resurface in order to remind the user to reply.

Meanwhile, Gmail on desktop is getting a nifty feature that was previously only available on your phone: Smart Replies.

The new Gmail is available today for all personal Gmail users and G Suite early adopter program (EAP) customers, but all are meant to boost team productivity, according to David Thacker, VP Product Management for G Suite. Only over time will it become the default.

As an added security measure, you can require a recipient to authenticate via a text message, before they can even view the email. Existing email standards don't support the idea of retrieving an email once it's landed in someone else's inbox, so Google built its own technology for the goal.

Gmail Update 2018: What looks different?

Also, another "secret mode" will incapacitate the capacity to forward, copy, download or print messages, and set a discretionary expiry date on the email after a set measure of time, a post which it will never again be obvious in the beneficiaries' letter drop. You can't stop anybody from taking a picture of the screen of course, but what's maybe more important here is that if anybody ever hacked the recipient's account, that email with your confidential information will be long gone. This will offer some protection against clicking on harmful links in emails that capture the user in a phishing/ impersonation scam. Alongside this new functionality, there has been a much-demanded feature of message expiration for carrying out confidential and sensitive communications. It will warn people if a sender appears to be posing as someone you know.

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"Inbox enhancers." If an email includes a photo, document, or other attachment, you'll see a clickable "chip" below the subject line in your inbox, allowing you to go directly to the attached item. Mobile specific features include high-priority notifications that help users stay aware of important messages and the mail client will also start suggesting when to unsubscribe from spam messages or newsletters that a user may not be interested about. The feature works the same way it does on Android, giving you a few options for canned responses based on the content of the mail. Gmail came with tools aimed at businesses to help them keep information secure.

Smart replies on the web.

Mobile Gmail app too has been updated. Until now, using Gmail when you aren't connected to the net has been a cumbersome process involving installing a special Chrome extension.

A collapsing left-hand pane.

In the inbox pane, you have the availability to interact with the messages without even opening them.

But, numerous new Gmail features revolve around getting you the information you need without having to click through to an individual email and open it up. "You still compose in the top left". This mode will begin to roll out to consumer users and a limited number of G Suite customers in the next few weeks, with a broader roll-out to follow.