Amazon's Upcoming Fire TV Cube Sounds and Looks Kinda Sweet

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An enigmatic page has appeared on Amazon for a Fire TV Cube product which hasn't yet been announced.

Available from Amazon's own e-commerce platform, the Echo Spot can be purchased directly without any invitations like it was in the case of Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot speakers. As for streaming, the Fire TV Cube will reportedly support 4K streaming.

The original leaks from past year showed a cube design that looks like a hybrid between the Echo Dot and a Fire TV. Then we can start getting excited about rumours for whatever Fire TV device is due to come after that. Because the Fire TV Cube would have plenty of mics as well as a speaker, you'll be able to use it as a typical Echo device, even if the TV is turned off.

But, thanks to a leak at the tail end of a year ago, we have a good idea of what to expect. These were the new technologies, to which the company introduced a new era to read books on the digital device - Kindle and speaking with an electronic device - Echo. "The screen is only to augment the consumption for users." said Kumar.

Details are sparse, but it would appear likely that it's a bigger version of the Amazon Fire TV range and will have Amazon Alexa functionality built in - Imagine a Fire TV stick with InfraRed for remote control and and integrated Echo Dot for voice functionality.

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Block Explicit Songs - Both in the Alexa experience and FreeTime on Alexa experience, parents with Amazon Music now have the ability to filter playback of songs with explicit lyrics, and we'll continue to add compatible music services to this feature over time.

One of Engadget's readers sent the site scans of a user manual for his Amazon Ethernet adapter. Much like the Fire TV Stick, the new mid-tier Fire TV will only have an HDMI plug and a micro USB port that is used for power. AFTVNews, which first spotted the Cube teaser page, published a picture of a cube-shaped, Amazon-branded device last September.

Ahead of its launch, Amazon showed the device in a select media briefing and I can say that it produces decent amount of sound despite its compact form factor.

Amazon is teasing a new Fire TV device called Fire TV Cube.