Countdown to Iran retaliation against Israel strike?

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Scholars at the Washington DC-based Brookings Institution wrote on Wednesday that, following an Israeli strike on a military base in Syria last week, it is only a matter of time before the next escalation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the U.S., British, and French strikes in Syria his country will continue "to move against Iran in Syria".

If/when the United States punishes Syria for the chemical weapons attack, it probably won't be through an Air Force bombing but, like the April 2017 attack, with Tomahawk cruise missiles, positing less danger to American heroes than bombing sorties.

"If we pick up and leave, the Syrian Kurds will go to the Russians and Iranians, and the Russians are going to exploit that position to become the primary interlocutors between the Turks and Kurds of Syria", he said. Israel therefore avoided appearing to be at odds with Russia, Assad's great-power backer.

Obama and Trump both made it a priority to defeat Islamic State, but Trump wants to contain Iran simultaneously, Doran said. There is definitely a clash of interests, threat perceptions and a no agreement of how to handle the Iranian presence, designs and operations in Syria. Hezbollah's warnings reflect the point of view of Tehran and are a forewarning to Israel. "The Russians will then push the US out once they have created a new order in the region and inevitably drive a wedge between Turkey and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation". Iran has increasingly entrenched itself inside Syria and is not about to depart anytime soon. But Israel, besides conveying to Russia the full scale of its threat perception and agreeing to Russian diplomacy to remove the Iranian threat, has to clarify its determination to prevent the repetition of its mistake in Lebanon, this time in Syria.

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In February, an Iranian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) entered Israeli airspace from Syria and was shot down by the IAF.

Rivlin also took time to give "gratitude to those who lost their lives fighting to defend the land of Israel and the people of Israel".

Israel has fought half a dozen wars with Arab countries since its establishment in 1948, battled two Palestinian uprisings and endured dozens of deadly militant attacks. In the wake of the missile strikes against the regime, the delivery of the S-300 looks more than likely.

An even worse outcome would be a preemptive strike on Israel by Hezbollah and the Iranians, in coordination with Hamas, with Moscow's support. -Soviet standoff in 1973, would be very real.

Trump's senior defense and military advisors no doubt have thought through these and other bad scenarios. The Syrian Kurds are closely allied with the U.S. Yet Turkey regards them as terrorists and fears they are working with Turkey's own restive Kurds.