Southwest Airlines pilot involved in emergency landing from Olathe, Kansas

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Martinez said he opened his laptop and used his credit card to pay for WiFi to film the event, while panicked passengers grabbed oxygen masks around him, because he wanted to communicate with his loved ones but his decision has been lambasted online. Passenger oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. "The passengers were fantastic, they stayed remarkably calm". During the incident, he logged on to the in-flight Wi-Fi to send messages to his family.

Tammie Jo Shults, 56, may have drawn on her Navy skills when one of the two engines on her Boeing 737-700 blew and broke apart at 32,000 feet on Tuesday, forcing her to implement a rapid descent towards Philadelphia International Airport.

Retired nurse Peggy Phillips tried her best to save the life of a passenger who has partially sucked out a window aboard a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday.

Riordan was on her way back from a business trip in New York City when she died.

It is unclear whether the FAA directive that would have forced Southwest to quickly inspect the engine that blew up.

Riordan died at a Philadelphia hospital after the plane made an emergency landing.

Passenger Tim McGinty, a ranch real estate worker in a cowboy hat, was sitting nearby. She was on her way back home to Albuquerque. With the help of Needum and McGinty, she attempted to resuscitate the woman. One passenger was almost sucked out of the Boeing 737 on Tuesday morning when the left engine failed in midair.

"She's a formidable woman, as sharp as a tack", Shults' brother-in-law, Gary Shults, told the AP.

The National Transportation Safety Board said at a news briefing Wednesday that the plane appeared to come in at a higher rate of speed than usual as it made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

Southwest has not yet released a statement naming the pilot in command of Flight 1380.

"Is your airplane physically on fire?" an air traffic controller asked Ms. Shults, according to audio captured by LiveATC. After a brief period of on-air silence, she adds, "They said there's a hole and. and, uh, someone went out".

Ground staff reply: "I'm sorry - you said there was a hole and somebody went out?".

Some passengers took to social media to say their goodbyes to friends and family.

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The number of flights by a plane required to prompt an investigation is not yet known.

Martinez chose to buy in-flight Wi-Fi service. "It doesn't seem fair", he said in a tweet.

She got married at Christ the King church, said Jon Hughes, advancement director at Christ the King school. "Do I text my mom, do I text my dad, my brother, my sister?" he said.

"It's a very, very hard time right now", said Summer Exum.

"Everybody was crying and upset".

Passenger Kathy Farnan said crew members knew what they were doing and kept everyone calm.

"Thank you. We're going to stop right here by the fire trucks", Shults says.

For Kristopher Johnson, a single thought flooded his mind: his wife and 13-month-old son Jakob. "I mean she was such a loving person, such a caring person, and such a great mom, she loved her husband", said Randy Woodcock, the Vice President of Central New Mexico United Way.

"The "how" this could happen - I don't know if I'll ever be able to put that to rest. That was the first thing that rushed through my head". She then spent about a year in reserves before leaving the military in 1994, reaching the rank of lieutenant commander. Everybody was good. I think it was too early in the morning.

Eric Zilbert, an administrator with the California Education Department, said even the children "did very well". "We lost an engine mid-flight and they guided back to Philly".

Mrs Shults served in the US Navy for 10 years and flew fighter jets. She was out of the plane.

She walked down the aisle and talked to passengers to make sure they were OK after the plane touched down. "She has nerves of steel", Tumlinson told The Associated Press.

"Everybody is talking about Tammie Jo and how cool and calm she was in a crisis, and that's just Tammie Jo", Rachel Russo said.