Main Street Alliance: Republican tax cuts are failing small businesses

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The State Corporation Commission (SCC) is ensuring that Dominion Energy Virginia and Appalachian Power Company reduce rates in July so that their respective customers receive the benefits of the corporate tax cut contained in federal tax legislation passed by Congress in December 2017.

"I'm here to say, 'Thank you, Medicaid, '" said Hung, her voice breaking. "They need a simpler, fairer tax code to grow and thrive", said U.S. Sen. "The bottom 60 percent will get a tax cut of $440-about a dollar a day".

For instance, "Investing in Opportunity" provisions will help develop new businesses, support existing ones, and encourage entrepreneurs in distressed rural and urban communities.

A portion of the 45 million taxpayers who itemize their deductions will now be able to take the standard deduction, making filing easier.

And though that's the best part, there's also the exit of the pesky forms that made tax day more tedious than it needed to be, Trump writes.

As safety net programs come under attack by Republican legislation, the White House budget, and Trump executive orders, AFT and HCAN note that the overwhelming majority of the tax law's benefits will go straight to the very top of the income distribution.

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"People are benefitting across the entire spectrum, whether they're a lower tier of wealth or luxury, ultra, ultra high-tier", he said.

By April 15, 2019, taxpayers will see the difference in their tax return, Trump said. A new federal tax code, created by the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, lowered federal tax rates for individuals, doubled the standard deduction, and expanded the child tax credit. It also expects taxes to decline across all income groups.

And he says the new tax law also provided a big boost to American businesses by cutting their tax rates. "Tax reform should have helped working families get ahead, not tilted the playing field further in favor of the wealthy and well-connected".

"Two central features of the federal tax plan include a lower burden on middle-income households and a simpler process - yet few Americans are aware of these improvements", said Dr. Robert McClure, JMI's President and CEO. Below are charts that spell out exactly how your taxes will change.

Republicans, hoping the massive tax overhaul secures seats in the midterm election, have run almost 17,800 ads this year that tout tax reform, resulting in Democrats fighting back with commercials that slam the tax cuts as helping the wealthy, and endangering the future of Medicare and Social Security.