Trust in Facebook has spectacularly nosedived after its enormous data breach

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"Whether it's information from apps and websites, or information you share with other people on Facebook, we want to put you in control - and be transparent about what information Facebook has and how it is used", Baser said. Remember the firm has also been accused of meddling in Kenyans last two elections working for President Uhuru Kenyatta. Second: Facebook is collecting data from lot of places like the apps or websites that lets you log in using your Facebook details.

Sen. Fischer: How many data categories do you store, does Facebook store on the categories you collect?

A study by think-tank the Ponemon Institute found just 27% of people think Facebook will protect their privacy, compared to 79% in 2017. Facebook does this through a program called DeepFace, which uses data it has gathered about what you look like to match your face to your online profile.

Facebook has revealed new information regarding its user data collection processes in light of the ongoing Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

"There are three main ways in which Facebook uses the information we get from other websites and apps", said Facebook Product Management Director, David Baser.

In a blogpost on Monday, the United States social networking giant said the programme in India aims "to fight the spread of false news on our platform".

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Firstly, Baser said the data helps run social plugins and logins to keep the app running properly, analytics for websites and developers and ads and related ad measurement tools. This, Facebook says its what it uses to make targeted ads or make its content better. And it says that others like Google and Twitter do it too so why single out Facebook on the issue.

Facebook will also send people and Page administrator's notifications if they try to share a story or have shared one in the past that has been determined to be false. "Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all have similar Like and Share buttons to help people share things on their services", he said. He didn't mention whether those other apps including Facebook's own Messenger, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are also both owned by Facebook.

Whenever you visit other websites, Facebook, either through its services on those websites or through the cookies (basically a form of code which tracks users' activities over the internet) stored on your browser, collects location, browser information including your past activities and operating system, among others.

Facebook claims that many websites and apps use its services to make its content and ads more "engaging". The post also avoided completely the topic of the data that it doesn't give out in its "download all your data" feature - yes, there is some - which is still being closely guarded by the company even in Europe, where heavier privacy regulations are about to go into effect.

If Congress creates new laws that make it hard to compete in this industry, it will certainly make it harder and more expensive for competition to enter the arena, as Facebook already has the lawyers and billions of dollars to compete.