Brown's Bid to Finesse Trump's National Guard Plan

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President Donald Trump announced his plans to send National Guard troops to the border April 4 because of increased illegal immigration there, NBC News said.

More than a year ago, people in Brown's administration had thought through what California could do if Trump attempted to take command of the California National Guard to use as troops along the border. President Trump orders troops to border of US and MexicoKeegan released a statement saying, "the federal government has not yet responded and added that the next step is for the federal government to respond by signing the Memorandum of Agreement".

According to the disputed report, California didn't want its personnel fixing vehicles or monitoring surveillance cameras, among other assignments. Jerry Brown refused terms of their National Guard's initial deployment for the Mexican border.

"The federal government has not yet responded", Keegan said in an emailed statement.

Brown noted the federal government's inability to deport every undocumented immigrant in the United States - there are an estimated 11 million - and said the focus should instead be on a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration system that would "integrate" the undocumented community into American society.

In his agreement, Brown made it clear that California would "accept federal funding to increase the number of personnel supporting ongoing operations of the California National Guard to combat drugs and transnational crime, now staffed by 250 personnel statewide, including 55 near California's southern border".

Brown said last week he would agree to deploy 400 troops as long as they were not involved in immigration enforcement duties.

Tyler Houlton, DHS press secretary, said in a tweet Monday afternoon that the department is actively working with Gov. Other Republican governors not located on the border have also said they would support the effort with troops including Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

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Brown's no suggestion went on to state: "That is not going to become a mission to build a new wall socket".

Under the current mission, the Guard troops will not be involved in any law enforcement activities and will not come into contact with undocumented immigrants who are caught crossing the border, said Border Patrol Chief Ronald D. Vitiello. He said California could play a role in the future because the National Guard's mission is likely to expand before the Department of Homeland Security achieves what it considers "operational control" of the border.

Despite the frequent invective between the two leaders, Brown said he and Trump share some border security priorities, including stopping human trafficking and drug smuggling.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a question about the accuracy of the AP story published Monday morning.

Nearly 250 troops from Arizona, 60 from New Mexico and 650 from Texas have deployed - all volunteers, Hokanson said.

California is the only border state to refuse to Trump's request.

Even with California's Guard mobilization, Trump would have fallen short of his proposed deployment of at least 2,000 troops to the border. He said that federal authorities were grateful for the support that they have, and that they would continue the discussion with California for future phases of the operation to "see if those fit better with sort of the results as we know them now".